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Never Underestimate Trauma

Trauma is not something that goes away very quickly.  I am amazed that those who commit crime against others but change their lives and proceed to live prosperly and not think of the person they committed the crime against, are surprised when the crime appears again!  Trauma is not a one time thing!  It is everlasting!  The victim is taught how to live PASS It for they cannot forget it.  This is whether it is lynching in slavery, just slavery, rape, or just physical abuse. One learns to live PASS IT, to forgive and forget, but forgetting is hard to do.  Ask the "Me-Too and slavery" victims.  It is healthy to forgive and move on like many do.  But where does one's citizenship duties stop?  No one knows let's treat everyone like we want to be treated and if I offend you in any way, let me quickly ask your forgiveness.

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